To Avatar Course

The Avatar Master Course is about mastery of life. That means being able to reach beyond your self-defining shell and interact with people and events without creating any further disharmony or confusion in the world.

You might even reach in a way that contributes to people’s harmony and restores a sense of order to society.

The Avatar Master Course is about teaching others Avatar. It’s about assuming a greater sphere of responsibility. It’s about breaking out of the comfort trap. It’s about discovering the next layer in your own unfoldment. No one is telling you to quit your job and deliver Avatar full-time. That’s your decision. We’re only asking you to help support the collective by taking the next step in your own conscious evolution. Yes, we’re pitching for you to do the Master Course. Why?

Because a new self is awakened on the Avatar Master Course. It’s a much broader, more relaxed, more tolerant, more inclusive self. It’s a joyful self that cannot be discovered, experienced or fully understood without the presence and cooperation of the other. This is a higher self that extends its concerns to others, to society, to all of life. This is a joyful, eternal self that is capable of shaping the world.

The Avatar Master Course is challenging because it requires you to take risks. You have to trust. That’s pretty risky. You have to demonstrate your competence. That’s daring. You have to be vulnerable. You have to give up what you imagined was you. You have to be real.

There are some very experienced Star’s Edge Trainers ready to help you manage the risks and reap the rewards. You join a global network of beings who know and strive to live the full truth, “I AM HERE NOW WITH YOU.”

–Harry Palmer

“I think it would be safe, at least for now, to say that every domain defines a sphere in which you have the freedom to create, but also defines the limits of your creating. Learning the freedoms and limits of the domain you are operating in is called living.

“When you repeatedly come up against the limits of the domain you are operating in—meaning your primaries are overwhelmed by secondaries from a more powerful domain—it is time to move up an order of magnitude.

“Time to play a bigger game.”

–Harry Palmer

from The Avatar Master's Handbook