To Avatar Course

What topics are addressed during the Master Course?

Part I: Behind the Scenes

  • What is the relation between personal power and goals?
  • What is the cause of and the cure for discouragement?
  • How do you handle the serious environment?
  • What are the elements of any game or enterprise?

Part II: Delivering Avatar

  • What keeps you from making gains on Avatar?
  • What is at the foundation of every difficulty?
  • What is the cause of stress?
  • What causes you to stop feeling and start figuring?

Part III: Star’s Edge International

  • How does Star’s Edge operate and why is it so successful?
  • What are the requirements for delivering Avatar?
  • How do you introduce a new creation into an existing creation?
  • What are the evaluation criteria for delivering Avatar?

Part IV: Enlightenment

  • What happens when you try to create something out of existence?
  • What is truth?
  • What is the anatomy of a persistent mass?
  • What causes you to place limitations on what you can create?

Part V: The Master’s Presence

  • What is the most powerful technique for tapping creative power?
  • What determines whether a reality can be changed or not?
  • How do you change identity patterns?
  • Why is it impossible to exist as consciousness?