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The Integrity Course for Avatar Masters is a nine-day course offered to currently licensed Avatar Masters. It is based on Harry Palmer's book, The Seven Pillars of Enlightenment.

The expected results of the course are: improved well-being, insights into attacks and disagreements, and a freeing of creative energy.

The course is now being offered in two formats:

1. Online via ZOOM for 6 days / 4 hours per day

2. As a 9-day course delivered live at the same time as The Avatar Master Course

Course Information

  • Tuition - $550 USD
  • Advanced payments remain fully refundable upon request.
  • Free reviews do not apply to The Integrity Course.
  • The Integrity Course is delivered at the same time and location as The Master Course.
  • The Integrity Course has its own checklist and materials.
  • All Integrity Course students must be there at the start of the course.
  • [Optional for the 9-Day Course] At some part of the course the Integrity Masters may be invited to be in service in the Master’s classroom. Bring your Master pack and your Avatar Master’s Handbook if you would like to do this.


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It seems easier to defend actions than to honestly examine them. We are quicker to attack than to admit. Admissions require courage!

When we summon the courage to take ownership of our experiences, to see them just as they are, to feel them, we will recover the blueprints of our lives. We will face our fears and find the transparent beliefs that create them. Becoming more honest with ourselves means introducing more honesty into the collective consciousness of the world, and this lays a foundation upon which an enlightened planetary civilization can be built.

– Harry Palmer