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阿梵達領袖的真誠課程是一個九天的課程。它提供給目前擁有執照的阿梵達領袖。它是根據哈利帕爾默所著 「開悟的七根柱子」一書所設計的。



1. 網路上使用 ZOOM 為期六天/ 每天四小時

2. 採取跟阿梵達領袖課程九天一樣,會場教學。


  • 學費 - 美金 $550
  • 預付學費可以申請全額退款。
  • 免費複訓不適用於真誠課程。
  • 真誠課程與領袖課程同時同地舉行。
  • 真誠課程有它自己的進度表與教材。
  • 所有真誠學生必須在課程開始時準時出現。
  • [選擇性在九天的課程中] 在課程裡,上真誠課程的領袖會被邀請到領袖課程中提供服務,如果您願意提供服務的話,請帶上您的領袖教材和阿梵達領袖手冊。




insert2It seems easier to defend actions than to honestly examine them. We are quicker to attack than to admit. Admissions require courage!

When we summon the courage to take ownership of our experiences, to see them just as they are, to feel them, we will recover the blueprints of our lives. We will face our fears and find the transparent beliefs that create them. Becoming more honest with ourselves means introducing more honesty into the collective consciousness of the world, and this lays a foundation upon which an enlightened planetary civilization can be built.

– Harry Palmer